STEAMASTER CO LTD, leads in the specialized area of Industrial Heating, hot oil Heater and steam boiler, Heat Exchanger technology with innovative trends. STEAMASTER solutions in partnership with our customers, helps to assure our customers of a competitive edge in their area of business

We have an excellent reputation for the quality of our product range & after sales service. Our product line are steam boiler, hot oil heaters, hot air, hot water system, waste heat recovery units, heat exchanger, burners, Economizer, Deaerator, valves, RTK control valve, JUMO controller,water softener & various other Boiler accessories.

High quality of our products is achieved by experienced engineers & technicians, using state of the art machine tools & equipment and following appropriate fabrication processes at all stages of manufacture

We offer a wide variety of boiler &hot oil heater, Heat Exchanger manufactured till date we have supplied more than 2000 units industrial applications as diverse as

- Chemical
- Textile
- Petrochemical

- Packaging
- Food
- Electronics

- Diary
- Wood
- Hotel

- Plastics
- Rubber
- Laundry

- Pharmaceutical
- Engineering
- Automobile


Steam Boilers Capacities available are from 100 Kg/hr up to 50 Ton/hr steam, the units are designed as per Boiler Regulations. It can be used on various fuels such as coal, lignite, wood chip, Rice husk, palm shell, Oil / gas, and biogas.

An induced draft fan is provide for proper combustion & balanced draft in the combustion chamber.

High Thermal efficiency is achieved by using a large furnace, a very efficient burning system & correct heat release rate between radiant and convective sections.

Boilers are designed to ensure uniform distribution of thermal and mechanical stresses in heat transfer surfaces.

The advantaged of the units are:

- Minimum space required due to compact design
- Fast startup, erection & commissioning
- Very easy to operate & maintenance
- Low power consumption
- Hinged doors for easy inspection & maintenance of boiler

Fuel firing options are; light oil, heavy oil, gas or dual fuel, and bio gas Units are also available in vertical designs.

Hot oil Heater / Thermo oil boiler

Oil/Gas Fired Thermal Fluid Heaters

At high temperature, water and steam requires a corresponding high operating pressure. Establishing this with water and steam can be very controversial and expensive.

In thermal oil fluid heaters thermal oil is used as the heat carrier, operating at low Pressure to deliver temperature 300°C. In comparison water and steam, would require a pressure of 85 bar to obtain this temperature. There are several advantages of using thermal fluid heaters compared to steam boilers. The most obvious are,

- High temperature up to at low pressure of 1 to 3 bar
- No equipment for pre-treatment of boiler feed water
- No heat loss due to hot condensate and flash steam discharge
- No risk of corrosion
- Low maintenance costs
- Easy to operate (does not require a steam boiler certified operator)

Capacities available are form 100,000 Kcal/hr to 10,000,000 Kcal/hr (100KW up to 11,630KW).

Fuel firing options are light oil, heavy oil, gas or dual fuel, bio gas . Units are also available in vertical designs. Fuel firing options Solid Fuel Fired Thermo oil Heaters /Hot oil heater The vertical design with integral furnace assures rated output on any solid fuel like coal, wood chip, Rice husk, biomass, and palm shell.

The well-planned design ensures the efficiency and easy operation, expansion with low stress.

The basic advantages are;

- Low operation cost
- Reliable operation
- Safety against low thermal fluid flow
- Precise thermal fluid temperature Control

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